Digital Folktale

I launched digitalfolktale this summer with the support of the German ministry of culture and science and the Association of Visual Artists (BBK). I started with a dozen articles, essays, images. I asked people to write down their stories, do interviews with me and send me their pictures. I meet and talk to a lot of interesting people and I am happy to curate this "historiography from below". I understand as an experiment in participatory storytelling that will grow and grow to show an interesting and fun-to-read-and-watch multitude of perspectives, opinions and possibilities in digital storytelling. This KoFi account is to support this idea and help to keep a bilingual site alive and running. As a filmmaker and author I also want to keep on doing my research and transfer it to little, beautiful units of information. Monthly subscribers will get access to new and exclusive text/audio or video each year on x-mas.

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