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I conjure up YA & adult SFF about all-queer, international circuses—like Cirque du Soleil with magic! Then there are nonbinary ace Mages who get caught up in piracy & thieves! I’m also a sensitivity reader.

I’m raising funds to pay off my allergy shots & immunology bill. A permanent disability left me limited work options. I do freelance as a beta & sensitivity reader while my books are on sub.

Dill Werner
Welcome! I'm Dill. Very queer. Much ace. They/them. Disabled Jew. I'm working toward my legal name change fund to drop my first name, which I haven't used in 18 years. It gives me horrible dysphoria and associations every time I hear it.

Right now, all the extra money I have goes toward medical bills (severe allergies, shots, a permanent back disability) and predatory student loans. I share information on queer resources, nonbinary language, and nonbinary pronouns on my website and blog.

Help Dill Win the Fight Against Severe Allergies!

14% of goal

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