Disability Debrief
In the first 12 months of crowdfunding, reader contributions came to a bit over £5,000! This support has transformed what we can do on the Debrief. Please join those supporting our work so we can do even more. The plan for 2023 is to continue to establish what we're doing, with quality and consistency. Keeping this going at a steady pace grows readership, makes it something people can rely on, and builds the store of resources that we have. Beyond that, I hope to get more people involved in the Debrief. Some of this will be about more interactions with readers (zoom, anyone?), and about finding further contributors. The global story of disability can only be told through multiple viewpoints. This will take resources to do, as it's important to find the right people and invest in the skills, relationships and work that it involves. Thanks again for your support!

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