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the Scenes
welcome to my ko-fi page! my name is jamie, i am a disabled student living in north america. due to my disabilities and schooling, i’m unable to get a regular job and need to support myself and my passion project somehow. that’s where this page comes in! here, you can support me by buying me a “moomoo,” my base amount is $1 USD, but please feel free to give more! any amount, whether big or small, means the world to me. and i’m very glad to give back! currently, my main project is my bot, Aphrodite. she is my pride and joy, and i’m excited to see what i can do with her. if you're donating to receive her premium divinity, please subscribe to the $3 "sweet superstar" tier! you'll get instructions after on how to receive your perks :) if you’re donating for art, i’ll be happy to give back to you and draw what you’d like (my ToS apply, though!). please contact me through my discord or instagram so i can give back <3 donate through the one time for any art. thanks~! — jamie 🦋

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