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Freelance illustrator interested in the fantastic and surreal, and sharing my knowledge with you! By supporting me on Ko-Fi, you help me create more personal content and tutorials. Thank you!

🌿 ABOUT Hello! I am Dona, a freelance illustrator from Serbia. After spending several years working in-studio as a 2D videogame artist, I decided to go freelance and find my own voice creating art and share what I've learned along the way. 🐝 HOW DOES YOUR SUPPORT HELP? Freelancing can be very tough, so every tiny bit helps. Your support will help me with the rent, bills, and food, and that means I can put more time into creating original content and higher quality video tutorials. More importantly, it gives me a peace of mind and helps with mental health. Thank you for considering supporting me, and please only do so if you can. 🎁 WHAT DO YOU RECEIVE? Every supporter gets a download of my small Photoshop brush set as a thank-you. Every supporter will gain early access to WIPs, personal artwork, creative goals and plans, personal blog posts and projects. Most of my posts are for one-time supporters, so one Coffee will give you access to almost ALL of my content - posts and artwork! And more! 💫 CONTENT PHILOSOPHY One thing is very important to me: that, eventually, all content becomes available for everyone. The content posts will be supporter-only for a little while, and will be unlocked for everyone at a later date. 👉 Read a detailed post about my content philosophy and rewards here: https://ko-fi.com/post/Information-About-Support-C0C0QW15 It is tough out there, so every little bit helps, and coffee makes me strong enough to keep going! 💪✨ Thank you for your support!

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