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All of the relationships, projects, & artwork I am invested in stem from a fierce belief that every human is a gift from God - even if some of us need reminding. For a lot of fantastic reasons this has been two of the busiest and most exciting years of my life. I am two-thirds finished with a book, I have art and relational workshops almost ready to go, & I have numerous other projects I can detail in posts! Meanwhile I am still working as a Spiritual Director, a co-leader of a non-profit that builds community with people with mental disabilities, & a caregiver for communities without paid pastoral staff. Today, almost all of this work is provided at no, or below, cost. Even though I work a full time corporate job, the ends aren’t quite meeting. Whatever you contribute helps me to sustainably use my gifts for others and art instead of punching a clock elsewhere, So thank you. -Doug

Doug Harrison
After so many years of exciting developments, new projects, more secret agents, and new opportunities, I want to take my art, as well as the teaching, spiritual direction and writing to the next level, all while cultivating a broader sense of community here. Everyone can participate in some way and I really want you to be a part of what is happening.

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