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I would love to start taking and editing my own photos, so I have more content to share more regularly. I've priced out some decent beginner backdrops, lighting kits and a tripod on Amazon, and I would love some help to acquire them!


Cosplayer. 🎀 Magical Girl. 💖 Gamer. 🎮 Fangirl. 😻 Cospositive. ✨

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DreamKitty Cosplay
Hi There! I’m Angel, aka DreamKitty. I’m a seamstress and award winning cosplayer that is passionate about body positivity and creating a community of respect and confidence. I’ve been cosplaying since 2011, starting when I lived in Japan. I haven’t stopped since! Cosplay is a means to express your love for a character or design, and it is something that anyone can enjoy. There is no such thing as being “wrong” for a cosplay. If anyone tells you you’re wrong, they suck. You are NOT too fat. You are NOT too thin. You are NOT the wrong colour. You are NOT the wrong age. You are NOT the wrong gender. You are NOT a fake if you buy a cosplay. You ARE perfect for cosplay no matter what you look like. You ARE perfect for cosplay no matter what your skill level is. You DESERVE to believe in yourself and in your cosplay. I BELIEVE IN YOU!

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