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**Scroll down for Bonus Perks list. Calendar for event timings such as the monthly workshop: I provide community-oriented services for some of my favorite fandoms, most notably Legend of Dragoon. Research, archivism, web content, and more are combined to create anything from a small, static shrine to a sustainable fandom community. I want fans of games, especially smaller ones, to have access to resources that are aggregated and organized. No more hopping the web to find ten old fansites with differing sets of concept art or game info - have it all in one unified hub! I'll do the work for you. I would like to have more time working on things I'm skilled and passionate about. Your support helps make that possible. Thanks in advance for your consideration. Bonus Perks Stellar: - Physical Postcard (USA Only) - 15 minutes of additional research/archivism - 15 minutes of additional training Galactic: - 30 minutes of additional research/archivism - 30 minutes of additional training Cosmic: - 1 hour of additional research/archivism - 1 hour of additional training

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