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Welcome, wanderers. I'm JB! A freelance content creator in the TTRPG sphere. This Ko-Fi is aimed at fueling ambitious projects I may be working on and helping to put me in a better position to let you all live vicariously at various events and conventions! You can find a backlog of articles at my website ( and reach me directly, day or night, on Twitter ( Join me on Twitch as well for weekly livestreams of Videogames and TTRPGs ( Also, hire me! Commission me! I have a laundry list of experience in many avenues of design and writing including: - 24 time best seller, DM's Guild - Lead DM "The Little Rascals" Livestream - BA in Writing, emphasis on fiction - 4 years experience in the RPG community as a writer, editor, producer, playtester, and reviewer of all things Tabletop.

Hello you beautiful souls! Say hello, money or not. I'll always be happy to hear from you. But, i'll never say no to some fresh coffee beans!

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