Hello friends! What started out as an ode to Guilty Gear quickly became the go-to site for basically all Arc System Works fighting games. Many of our wonderful fans have asked how to contribute so we finally decided to provide a way! Our goal is to always ensure the servers can remain up and we can move to bigger and better hosting plans and/or hardware to better support the community. Your help (from 5$ minimum to any amount you want) will go a long way... because collectively, the FGC kicks ass together! Since we are new at this (we've never asked for help ever!) we will be looking into additional ways to support as well as setting more specific goals - such as a minimum amount to remove ads (if that's in the cards). Thanks again! LET'S ROCK! UPDATE (07.22.21): After speaking with our host, migrating our current plan to the minimum dedicated server option is $853.05 (before taxes and fees). The second full year is $2,279.88 (before taxes and fees). This comes to 3,132.93 before taxes. Approximately $3,360 with 7.25% tax. This bare-minimum option would give us 1TB of SSD storage (we currently have 75gb and are constantly running out of space), 15tb of xfer (current 5tb), and 16gb of RAM (current 4gb), all on a 4 core / 8 thread machine. UPDATE (07.22.21): We did it! Dedicated server obtained! <3

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