Thoughts Of You fanzine

Hi, I'm Jenna Appleseed (she/they), I'm an autistic/enby, currently Dennis/Beach Boys obsessive, I make zines sometimes & this is my side account for my Dennis Wilson fanzine. The zine has a totally open submission policy - basically send me anything Dennis & if I like it it's in a future issue & you'll get a free copy - no portfolios/applications etc. needed, & the zine comes out whenever I get it together to complete and release an issue. I'm using this page for sharing work in progress, alt and preview versions of image editing/layouts/graphic design plus info and teaser images for the zine, and blogging on its progress, plus selling zines & zine merch in the shop. About the zine: Thoughts Of You is a non-profit charity fanzine dedicated to Beach Boy Dennis Wilson, money raised from sales of the zine will go to Simon On The Streets - a grass roots homelessness charity. So far it's digital only but I'm working on a print issue. Issues 1 & 2 are available in the shop. **ETA: currently closed** If you're interested in advertising in the zine see my Services menu or * ***closed atm***

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