🍭 Hi Guys! If you stopped on this page then probably you are interested in what I do. And I am a music producer, composer and singer. ● To be honest, my biggest dream is to become a successful famous musician, with major record deals, music albums, cool music videos, concerts, performances, and a huge studio. ● I have a lot of plans, but they are all in my head. Some people don't have big dreams, some do. When you do, here is the point where everything starts from money. It's like an ability to fulfill everything into reality. ● For me it is a possibility to travel wherever I need for my content: to meet certain people, or film music videos at certain locations, and to be able to hire a team, who will help me everyday in what I do. ● Now I have a very limited financial situation, and spend it all on buying some stuff for my videos on YouTube. Also not to forget living expenses. My YouTube, Instagram are not monetized, and I have to only use all I have. ● And to be successful there, it takes money, supplies, renting locations, buying clothes, equipment, and so. Not to mention the unlimited time to be spent on the creating process. ● Right now a MAJOR part of my time is taken by my comics creation, and I wish to be able to have a team, who will help me with organizing everything, and so I will be able to move closer to my music dream. I am truly a music fan, and I feel the unlimited talent within me, but I can only count on YOUR SUPPORT. ● So if you like what I do and wish me to be discovered, don't pass by, support me here! Any financial support is important and can be a big deal when supporters are many!😉😸 ●

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