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Eldwenne’s Fantasy
Hi everyone!! I’m a jewelry designer. My business has been strongly impacted by COVID, as over 70% of my income is derived from working at conventions. I’m a mother of four fantastic kids (3 are home, 1 is grown) and the wife to an amazing husband. My husband is disabled, thus I’m the main supporter of our family. While online sales are a tremendous help, it’s still incredibly challenging to meet all of our needs. Supplies to make my designs have increased in price significantly and I don’t want to raise my prices, which would make my work inaccessible to many. My shop is an Etsy shop. For those selling on Etsy, we have been forced to provide free US shipping on orders $35+ or we won’t come up in searches. This has created a huge hardship - any small donations would help tremendously. In order to expand and build my products I need supplies such as paints, brushes, canvases, frames, wire, etc. I’m the mother of 4 (3 are home, 1 is grown), & the wife of a disabled husband and my business is how I support all of us. Your donation or subscription will go towards supplies and to help feed my family and keep the roof over our heads. My family and I truly appreciate your support and I promise it will be worth your investment. I'm offering many perks to those who become members which are available IMMEDIATELY upon membership activation. 1. Members receive a coupon code that can be used in my shop as well as in my artisan design shop that is valid for the entire duration of the subscription! Here's how much of a discount you will receive: Eldwenniac Enthusiast - 10% off Eldwenniac Insaniac - 15% off Eldwenniac Maniac - 20% off So how will the discount work? Well, if you're a member, you will receive a private message from me with your code. If you're not registered on Ko-fi, I won't be able to private message you - PLEASE REMEMBER TO REGISTER WITH KO-FI IF YOU ARE A MEMBER - otherwise you won't be able to access everything. You can begin using the code at any time! EVEN IF THE ITEM IS ALREADY DISCOUNTED! So you can disregard the message that pops up regarding using a coupon on an already discounted item! VERY IMPORTANT NOTE - YOUR COUPON CODE WILL NOT STACK WITH ANOTHER EXISTING DISCOUNT. You WILL receive whichever discount is better for you. For example, if an item is already marked down 10% and you have a 10% code, you'll still only receive 10% off. But if you have a 15% code - you'll receive a total of 15% off instead of 10 like everyone else! If you have a 10% code but the item is already discounted 15% off, if you use the code you'll still get the 15% off because it's the higher discount. 2. I am doing a monthly giveaway of officially licensed Supernatural merchandise from my personal collection - merchandise that has never been opened! To be included in the monthly drawing, you simply become a monthly subscriber - on the 25th of every month I will use a random name picking application to select one subscriber to win the promoted piece of merchandise for that month. And the more you contribute as a subscriber, the more chances you receive! Eldwenniac Enthusiasts receive 1 entry per month Eldwenniac Insaniacs receive 3 entries per month Eldwenniac Maniacs receive 8 entires per month 3. Ability to purchase designs that are not available in my shop 4. Free gifts (I just sent every subscriber a free pendant recently!) 5. Access to exclusive designs and content and more! My family and I thank you so much for your support!

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