Emily Ann Garcia

I'm thinking of this page as my sketchbook. I have affection for this language because it helps me be free of some of the barriers that often plague my creative work. My sketchbook doesn't have to be perfect, my sketchbook can be about work in process and in fact about the process. Some of the stuff I post will be actual sketches from my actual sketchbook, but will definitely include other things that are more conceptually part of my sketchbook. This isn't a performance or a place to be graded. It's about the importance of doing the thing, not selling an end result. Although you may see some end results for sale for those so inclined. That's just not the goal for me. I also want to note that while I don't believe that only people with money should have access to me/my work, having a paywall is necessary for me to be able to try to be the kind of free and open I'm wanting to be. I will post some things publicly (so def do still follow me even if you can't subscribe), but much will be subscriber-only with no access distinction between tiers.

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