Emma Decent

I set up this Kofi page in 2020 during Covid19. It was enormously helpful and I thank everyone who supported me at that time. Since then however (like many with these pages) I have somewhat ignored it. 2023 feels like the first ‘normal’ year since those strange days and my work has changed entirely since then. Now I feel a lot bolder and clearer about what I want to do. That period deepened my relationship with nature - which has always been important to me personally - nature as a healer through years of eco-psychology and shamanic work - but an aspect I have now brought more into the forefront of my work as a writer, performer and facilitator in recent years. Last summer I went into nature asking questions about my work. There I found new boldness and clarity about it and next goals. So I want to get a poetry collection together (which I have never got my act together to do - I think my work is worth it!) which may be at least a partly self-funded thing. Also to go to the USA to do a month long training at the School of Lost Borders where I have learned most of what I know about nature work, to deepen my work as a facilitator. I also aim to return to Canada where I was born, to continue drawing circles of autobiography around time and place, writing as I go, maybe blogging, doing workshops and performances along the way. So to support these goals I have decided to reboot this Kofi page for a while. Nowadays I am more flush, earning more than I ever used to as an arts freelancer and able to put some money aside towards my dreams, hurrah. However I could do with a bit of help from anyone who might want or be able to support my work and goals in this way - with hard-won cash - as well as all the love and support I do feel from many people. Here you can make a small donation for the price of a virtual cuppa should you be inspired to. There are also things you can buy in my ‘shop’ - a new set of rather nice (if I do say so myself) hi-res digital photographs I have taken of the landscape of Cornholme where I live enhanced with fragments of poetry that - once purchased - you can copy and print as much as you like as cards, prints or for screen savers. Also my poetry pamphlet from 2020 ‘Words in the Wild’ with 15 poems (till the collection comes out, watch this space). You can also support me by looking at my website and booking any events I am doing over the next 5-6 months - workshops, retreats, performances - and finding out more about what I do and maybe sharing it with others. Contact me for more info too. https://emmadecent.co.uk Thank you

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