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Emma Lindhagen

Welcome to my Ko-fi! My name is Emma, and I'm a queer writer, worldbuilder, streamer and fledgling game designer. My stories and projects take place in different genres, sometimes stretching across them, and tend to involve themes like queerness, mental health, community and how people are shaped by the micro- and macrocosms around them. I'm self-employed, working in translation, proofreading and lore development. This Ko-fi is one part in a slow-going attempt to make my creative projects part of my income stream. ❖Introducing Prep Work The activity on this page will revolve largely around the development of Prep Work, a set of worldbuilding aids which combine gamification with guiding prompts in order to help writers and other creatives along in their worldbuilding process. The plan is to release one such aid per quarter starting in Q3 of 2022. As a Ko-fi member, you will get to influence the development of this project in various ways including voting on topics, getting exclusive sneak peaks and more. ❖Memberships I currently provide 2 membership tiers here on Ko-fi, each with exclusive rewards. Please see the membership descriptions for more information. ❖Thank you! Whether you become a member, drop me a one-off tip or just hit follow to get updated about my projects, I deeply appreciate your time and your interest. It means the world to me.

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