hi! this page is mainly for support for my translations! My Family Is Obsessed With Me After My Ex-Boyfriend's White Moonlight Proposed To Me ✦ Chapter Sponsorships ✦ a.) through every cup of coffee bought there is a sponsored or extra chapter automatically given! you can leave a note if you have a specific novel you want the extra chapter for or leave it blank for me to decide! b.) sponsored chapters will be posted at the next upload schedule, meaning you get two chapters instead of one! or three if another person donated! ✦ Donations ✦ a.) messages are always welcome when you donate! I try to reply but i'm afraid it'll be just a tad bit late. b.) I appreciate any amount so there's no need to feel bad even if it is just a small donation! each penny is a great help! ✦ Contacts ✦ If you have any message, concern, or anything you want to tell me, feel free to PM me here or find me on the site's Discord Servers. For WMPTM readers, I'm GalaxyTL's server admin so you can easily find my discord tag there! I'm still learning and trying to improve, so I hope you guys bear with me through my journey! Thank you for all the support and MWAH!

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