If you didn't arrived from , here is a small introduction: ** So, what's EroFights? ** It's basically a website I built for live online webteases, for you and a partner, teasing and chatting, giving and receiving instructions! There is now lots of game modes, from "Classic" or "Hentai", where you just tease each other until you're dry ; "Wrestling" modes, where you really fight for the cum ; or plain BDSM style "Caprice Femdom" or "Interactive", where you get to dom someone over the line, using cards, sounds, beats and all kind of funny things ;) ** What's the catch? ** As the porn and BDSM community around is often really masculine, you sure have to be patient if you want to play as a guy ; matchmaking is rough and you sure have to write a good profile if you want to get picked by a girl... From all the feedbacks I have, it's really worth the effort and wait, though ;) ** Is it free? ** Absolutely free and without any ads, entirely financed through donations of Patreons and Ko-fi ;) Thank you if you are here for that! ** How do I play? ** Just head over to ; read the FAQ and get started!

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