Esprit Voyageur

«I am prepared to go anywhere, provided it be forward.» – D.Livingstone An “Esprit Voyageur” would be a free spirit that travels through life with an open mind and a willingness to discover and share new horizons, whether they are geographical, musical, or artistic. In this eclectic web site, you will find many different sources of entertainment and inspiration varying from Music festivals to Fine Arts, photography, travel blogs or simple web links to unusual places, videos or online wonders. The world of Art is complex and occupies an important place within our society. It is the vocation of the artist to open our minds by allowing us to see, hear, and understand our surroundings, but this role is sometimes taken for granted. The responsibility lies with every individual within a society to use the insight that Art provides and become attuned to the pulse of his or her culture. There are many people in the world who feel within themselves that beautiful drive to create and offer a new perspective, a fresh and exciting angle from which to contemplate life. Some are not as widely known as others, but the significance of their work is not diminished. In this web site, you will find artists who have not necessarily achieved great fame, but people admirable for their work dedication and excellence in the Arts, whether it’s music, painting, sculpture, photography, filmaking, poetry, or wine making. Most of the films and photographs fall outside of what might be considered “mainstream,” but each of them reveals a strong story, a very different human being that presents a piece to the vast puzzle of life. Bon Voyage !

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