Publishing Funds for An Extended Explicit Version of The Dairy Prince

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It's tough to be an author in this day and age. To self-publish you need money, and that's harder and harder, especially in certain genres. If I raise enough money, I'll be able to publish improved versions of the content here, with added scene, including explicit content unavailable on Ko-Fi.


I'm a reader, an author, and a passionate fan of books. Not quite a starving artist, but close. If you enjoy my stories, donate :) I'd also love to have a closer relationship with my readers. If this works, I'll be posting more stuff, more often, and it would be much simpler than my regular process.

Eva Brandt
Depending on how successful it is, this Ko-Fi will be used for: - extras for my other stories posted on Amazon - more light-hearted stories I can't afford to post elsewhere Updates will be according to my schedule. I still have a lot of stuff to do for my Amazon books. This is just an extra, donate-only, if you're up to finding something more.

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