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Welcome to Everybody Hates Rand, your friendly neighborhood Wheel of Time Podcast!

Everybody Hates Rand
Well, hello! Hail and well met, or something. You're probably here because you like our Wheel of Time podcast, Everybody Hates Rand. We like it too - except for when we have to talk about Elayne (ugh) or Rand's attitude toward women (UGH) - and we're trying to make it better through our transcript project. Our amazing listeners have supported transcripts up through Season 3, so we're taking a break from transcript sponsorship while we get caught up! In the meantime, we're raising money to purchase a complete set of Wheel of Time books from our local independent bookstore. We have MANY Wheel of Time books, but we use them as graffiti fodder for our $5 Patreon reward. What we hope to buy would be our standard EHR set of books as we continue our winding literary journey through Wheelworld.

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