Welcome to FG's Creator Services! I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge on monetising hobbies. By donating to my page, you get to support my next investigation and help increase this database of knowledge for beginner creators. I'm "the guy" in the guy who knows a guy, and often I'm asked for advice on Discord and Patreon. With this Ko-fi, you can buy specialised tips and advice! Check out my shop for a variety of affordable options tailored to which stage you are in your career. I also accept gift cards of most major brands! They'll either be used for charity giveaways or resold for cash. You can also gift me a code for something you want me to review, such as Ko-Fi gold. If you aren't ready to donate yet, don't worry! Follow my page to be alerted when I update my blog with weekly free posts that spread knowledge about small creator things. Feel free to shoot me a question or two on Discord at FangirlCrazily#2365 or ping me in #marketing-advice in the Hope 4 TTRPGs server.

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