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My current computer situation is a 5 year old gaming laptop that's starting to show it's age, no matter how much I clean it and maintain it. So at some point, I would like to replace it with a desktop, so I can finally have something that is easier to maintain, and upgrade if I need to. It also means I can get something with a bit more power in it, and could possibly dip my toes into streaming, be it game streams or even art streams! I have started saving for it, but it'll take a while.


29. Cartoony Artist. Regional Victoria, Australia. I will post my WIPs here, and will eventually offer hi-res downloads for supporters to use as wallpapers and whatnot! I also have my own website, that I keep adding more things to! All donations are greatly appreciated and go towards helping me pay off my debt, and helping me live comfortably <3

Thank you for visiting my Ko-Fi page! I plan to share my WIPs of art stuff and updates on my life (and maybe some gaming stuff too). If you like my content, please follow my telegram channel too! Thank you for your time and all support! <3

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