Kumusta po kayo! 🤗🇵🇭 As most of you will know FiliPhrases is a community platform that is run by volunteers (currently the main account is run by only one person). The account couldn't keep going without each and every one of you - thank you so much for your support and engagement throughout the years! The upkeep of the account and the development of new content and resources takes time (and in places has associated costs) - The FiliPhrases ethos is for learning to be as fun and as low cost as possible so at this point we will never charge, but if you feel moved to buy Jess a coffee at all to keep her employed (genuinely) then she would be extremely grateful!! FiliPhrases (and collaborators) have specific goals to meet by the end of 2022: - Launch a community server (COMPLETED) - Launch an official website - Establish and develop the Level 1 Beginners Course - Complete a first draft of a Level 1 Textbook and Workbook - Complete a first draft of a Culture book to promote Filipino culture, as well as Filipino language learning There are so many ideas for FiliPhrases on the horizon but progress is currently slow because Jess can only do so much in her free time - any support you are able to offer would be really appreciated but in any case, your love and continued engagement is what we value most! Thank you all for always being there!!

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