A Film For Freedom

For attention spans shrivelled by social media and bondage to the device, anything longer than a few sentences looks like too much hard work. And of course, that’s one big reason for the big mess we’re in. When you’ve been trained out of the reading habit, vital information doesn’t reach your brain, making you highly susceptible to a belief system built on misconceptions and lies. And with that short paragraph out of the way, it’s safe to assume that any sleepwalkers merrily herding the rest of us off the cliff have already scrolled on by. Anyone left reading this hopefully knows what I’m talking about and is as keen as me to do something about it. The fact that people don't read anymore is why I decided to stop writing about it and make a film instead. Propaganda employs both words and images. The antidote must do the same. Text alone won’t cut it, but people will watch videos until the cows come home. Until now this has been an entirely self-funded project and my pockets were not deep to begin with. I already had plenty of practice juggling the multiple tasks of low budget filmmaking, which was fortunate because when I started this in May 2020, nobody I could think of would have crossed the road to help me. Supposed friends were beginning to treat me like a social leper, because in their minds I was completely deluded. Living in Berlin, a city littered with reminders of not just one but two recent tyrannies, I found myself surrounded by unquestioning faith in the state “experts” and total obedience to the state edicts. But most chilling of all was the fervent belief in what they were doing and the hostility of many towards anyone who disagreed. What drove me on was a daily sense of horror. I was standing at the heart of a pharmaceutical coup d'état rooted in fascism. This had happened here before. Didn’t anyone remember? This was the country where thousands of elderly, disabled children and the “feeble minded” were put to death by doctors and nurses who were just doing their job. This was the country where I.G. Farben funded Hitler’s rise to power and used the prisoners of Auschwitz next door as lab rats in their chemical experiments. "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it" -- George Santayana, 'The Life of Reason' (1905) I had to somehow show that history was being repeated. Then as now: the ideological corruption of science and the psychological manipulation of people. In the months that followed, I met new friends: people from all over Germany who do remember their own history, and stood up to defend freedom. Then back in the UK, more people who can think for themselves and refuse to surrender their liberties to tyranny. These are the souls who keep me going. This task I set myself was never about the daily twists and turns of the global fraud, but about reaching the spellbound and fearful by making the roots of the fraud crystal clear. It’s about clearing a view through the fog of current events into the past. It’s about breaking the spell by stealing the clothes of the propagandists to tell a different story. We may not control the institutions, half the internet and the mass media, but we vastly underestimate the power we already have. Our oppressors DO NOT underestimate our power. They know full well that our individual power would become invincible if we all started working together. That's why they tell us we're all in it "together" while using every excuse to keep us apart. If you appreciate what I’m trying to do, I hope you’ll work together with me to tell the true story and to put it back into the world in ways censorship cannot touch. Thank you in advance for your support, and thank you for reading! Now, how about a video? Here’s a musical clarion call from the movement for truth and freedom: “Leave Our Kids Alone.” [Censored by Vimeo. Here's an Odysee link instead: odysee.com/@freedomfilm/leave-our-kids-alone]

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