Hello, everyone! I'm very new to this whole creator-supporting thing, and it does make me a bit uncomfortable, but if you wish to support me, it'll mean the world to me! I've been up and down in my writing for years and I began taking commissions as of a couple months ago (see my Fimfiction Page). One of my biggest aspirations is to be able to do YouTube full-time as a content creator while supporting the work of other authors, both little-known and popular. It is hard work, but I enjoy it more than anything else. By choosing to support me, not only will you gain my gratitude, but you'll also be giving me the chance to help others too, and this is a step in being able to do that. I thank you kindly for checking out this page and for considering offering your support. I'm passionate about all I do here, so any assistance means more than you'll know! <3

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