Hello! I'm Meg. I've been a game reviewer for Australian print magazine PC Powerplay for 13 years. I wrote the incremental hint guides for Thimbleweed Park (words and logic then implemented by the developers as the HintTron 3000) and Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption. I love incremental hint guides because they connect new audiences with old genres. I created a website,, to collect 99 tiny reviews of quality artistic/cultural experiences that parents may want to play with their kids. (Many of them Aussie.) I'm also a game composer and I teach game composition to tertiary Bachelor of Composition students. I feel I have a lot of small tips to share about game music implementation and I want to share them as I think of them. If my work has been of use to you, I'd appreciate a donation. All of the money donated will go towards funding work towards my mad creative projects, so you'll be paying for art I source from others (as outlined as goals).

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