First Moon Circles

Periods are amazing! And we want every child (and adult!) to know it! We are doing period education differently, weaving the science, the sacred of celebrating menarche (first period) as a rite of passage, and bringing community together to create sisterhood. We are a small community training passionate people to become Certified Facilitators who can host safe, inclusive period positive spaces in their communities to share the good world that periods are amazing! We can only reach so far though, and want to train as many people to especially reach under-privileged communities where period poverty is high and access to quality menstrual education is low. Please help fund our scholarships which take a 2 pronged approach: firstly so we can offer fully paid scholarships to incredible people to become Facilitators so more circles are available around the world, and secondly so we can offer children scholarships to attend our circles for free! This matters so much because when you reject your menstrual cycle you reject your body, and when you reject your body you reject yourself! Thank you so much.

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