Hello there my friends! I am Fleepy (Or Micah, don't call me by my real name please unless your a close friend), and my passion in life is creating music, and programming! Of course, I don't just do music and programming, I enjoy many other things. I love tech, and retro tech. I love to create music, but I've wanted to get into physical modular synthesizers, such as the Moog Mother 32, or Behringer Neutron. But unfortunantly I don't any sort of income, which Is why I created a Ko-fi, for those of you who would like to support me for the things I do. I switched from Patreon to Ko-fi, simply because they have a better staff team, and they are much more organized and user friendly! Including the no-fee's part as well. Also because Patreon stalks you on other platforms to force you to abide by their guidelines, which Ko-fi does not do. I am a major weeb, I collect a lot of weeb things; Posters, figures, magnets, plushies, fumos, decals, pins, mangas, Blu-ray/DVD's, books, doujinshi's, card decks, and phone cases, are all the stuff I collect related to anime. I also love Touhou project. I also do graphics design! I'm still improving so don't expect it to be great. I created my profile banner, all of my Twitch overlays and panels (I don't stream on Twitch anymore. I never gained much from it after 3 years, despite my efforts). I currently have commissions open for Twitter banners, if you want to commission me. I'd love to make you a banner! https://ko-fi.com/flleeppyy/commissions

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