Foxhole Stats

Welcome Foxhole Gamers ! Ive been building, improving, hosting, monitoring and maintaining, the website for over 3 years now, often checking if it's ok every day ! The website displays live game statistics as well as recording them for every World Conquest so far (even before there was an official API) ! It all started after several days of waking up after playing the game the night before and logging in to wonder.... "What the heck happened while I was away ?" This led to a bit of a rabbit hole, and before long i was recording what information i could get from the Steam API and discord, over time the website grew in popularity, even getting up to 200,000 page visits in a month! Eventually this popularity led the game developers to shut down the Steam API, and replace it with their own 'sanitized' "War API", which we hope they will continue to improve and take feedback on. The foxhole stats website feature list just keeps growing, and Ive put so much time into it because I enjoy it, I learn new skills & the game community needs it and appreciates it, which Ive seen from the nice comments I get and website visitor analytics. It was one of these comments that actually suggested I launch here ! Your support here will help cover website hosting fees, as well as lost work time (yes, I'm a web programmer) The website itself: Game world map, with all the live data i can get and influence overlay, updated every minute ! Event log, translated (by players) in many languages, and also live ! Browser Notifications for the event log, (optional) live ! Graphs ! This is where the site begun and they are still here to give historic data on all "World Conquest" games. A zoom-able map of each region All stats filterable by map and time Commander Referral program, for fun ! The discord bot: The event log live and translated in any language in your discord channel The streamer overlay: Get the event log as a overlay in your obs/twitch stream ! The website has grown to use 7 programing languages, HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, MYSQL, NodeJS & Python while just being made in Notepad2 ! Discuss on discord: Thanks for stopping by, and have fun and see you in game ! - Hayden.

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