Hi, I have a small request for you to help me further my career as a digital artist. I opened a profile on ko-fi to collect study grants. For now, apart from that, I am still in the commissariats, but it is known that I will not be able to do orders all the time, also by studying for the secondary school-leaving examination. Why did I choose paid studies? Since they are in the city where I will have an apartment, the cost of living will be acceptable. Computer graphics are no jokes and hard work, often dozens of hours spent on one order, and lots of money invested in self-development. Thanks for every amount you put into my ko-fi. People on my server will get an additional "Patron" role for payments, and people with a monthly payment will receive -10% for each next order! In addition, after finishing the order queue, I will draw a winner from among the people paying, who will receive a full shading icon from me! For those who share this I also have something, for each brought 10 people who make a payment to the co-fi, you will receive a one-time discount of 20% for the selected commission.

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