Fronds with Benefits

Welcome to the Fronds with Benefits Ko-fi! Fronds with Benefits is a botanical blog, where you can find fun and informative information about botany, through blogposts, photography and botanical illustrations. On Thursdays, I upload a post called "Grow and Tell", where I introduce you to a UK native wildflower, house plant or garden plant. We look at the etymology (meaning of the name) of the plant, a little about its history and its uses. For "Plant Science Sunday", I upload a blog post about plant science in popular culture or interviews with botanists from all around the world. Supporting this blog will give you a behind the scenes look at how I research and write about species, and the process behind my botanical drawings. I will also take you on "wildflower walks" and show you the species I spot in my everyday life. Every donator will also be able to request a post on a specific topic. Thank you for your time!

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