Fulhamish operates two podcasts a week, plus regular articles and videos all related to all matters around FFC. Since starting in 2016 we've grown substantially, and have always strived to provide a high quality of content for Fulham fans, who many feel have never had the coverage of their team they want. By supporting us on Ko-Fi, you will allow us to continue to provide this level of content, and pay the significant monthly costs that we accrue. We don't want to put any of our content behind a paywall, hence why we have chosen Ko-Fi over other donation platforms. However, we can promise our Ko-Fi supporters (monthly and one-off) the following benefits: 1) Access to a backer-only Discord chat. 2) 15% discount on any products in our merch store. But mainly, by supporting us, you help to keep us going. No perk we can offer could ever illustrate our gratitude towards you for that. Thanks for reading, and please know that any donation you can spare is hugely appreciated and will go a long way to keeping Fulhamish ticking along!

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