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We have a lot of exclusive content handy waiting to be translated from Japanese to English. However, our resources limit how often we can hire translators. Through this goal, we should be able to secure several months worths of funding for translations. Thank you for your support and participation.

About is a website dedicated to animation, manga, and otaku culture. Through fullfrontal we seek to teach people about what happens behind the scenes of their favorite anime, manga, and video games and explain why the stuff you find amazing is so fantastic. We do so by interviewing staff members working in the industry, translating content from Japanese, and sharing our knowledge about the production processes. As we're only fans, hosting costs, paying translators, and other fees are all paid from our own pockets, limiting how much time and effort we can invest in the website. Donations will go towards financing new translations and interviews and as such, helping us provide content more frequently. If you enjoy our content, please feel free to support us and help us keep producing quality content!

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If you enjoy our content, please consider supporting our work so that we can keep giving our best. Thank you for your help!

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