Portable Podcast Equipment

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I want to get a portable podcasting outfit so I can go around events, clubs, and shops to talk to and interview people. The setup I want to get is: * Zoom HS Recorder * Sure SM58 Microphones (x2) * Foam Windscreen (x2) * XLR Cable (x2) * Tabletop Mic Stand (x2) this will be for all of my projects


The main focus of this site will to be a worldwide resource for gaming event; tournaments, conventions, fairs, etc. Events, clubs, stores and players. There will be information for each in this one place, hopefully clear and easy to access, building up a worldwide network of people who play all types of board games, miniature games and more. There will be a Google Map of players, clubs and stores with information on each; such as, opening times, websites, games played and stocked. We will also be including information on lots of other gaming related themes. One of the first ones is a directory of Commission Painters so if you are one or know of one please let us know to help us fill out our directory. There will eventually be in-depth articles on different stores and clubs.


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