Gav Cross

Please note - to help you Don't buy me any Kofi before we have had a chance to chat! Contact me on Facebook or twitter first or you can email: gavcross You can get in touch with me on Facebook: Twitter: Or my website: As you can no doubt tell from the bits and pieces I really love what I do. I try my best to make each story or personalised message as genuine and magical as I possibly can. Storytelling and performing are both my passion and profession I’m incredibly lucky to do something that I enjoy as a career. My Kofi page where you can in turn support me by making a donation. The donation amount is currently set to the minimum of £1. I’m hoping that the things I share has more value to you, yours and perhaps your business and would not argue if you increased that to what you think it is worth to you! I do however understand that everyone’s finances are different so feel free to adjust the sum to what you can afford and feel is fair for you. Here’s the most important part: If you honestly can’t afford to pay please don’t… (and you know if you can or can’t) for you my work is complimentary, I truly believe joy, art and entertainment should be accessible for all no matter what your income so please just enjoy the work with my compliments. I would however ask you all to please spread the word of my work to friends, family and with your networks. I do live storytelling online and can also create whole bespoke stories for those that may be interested in commissioning me to make and perform something truly personal and special. A share and a personal recommendation in your networks is also valuable to me as well! You could send people to my main page! Or review me here: Thanks again! Look forward to hearing from you! Gav

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