Hi! The last few years have been an absolutely wild ride for me in terms of gaining confidence, experience and exposure with my writing. I'm still not in a position to devote as much time to writing as I'd like, as I also have a full time, non-writing related job; therefore, any donations would be gratefully received and would all contribute to getting me one step closer to being able to provide content on a full time basis. Despite the fact that I can't devote myself to writing full time, I'm getting close to having written 1000 daily articles on and have had my work featured on websites such as Polygon, Nintendo Life, Retro Dodo and Pokémon Helper. I've appeared in print too, including in vol 002 of the critically acclaimed gaming journal, [lock-on]. Please don't feel like you have to donate however - if you do enjoy reading my reviews and articles, which I provide on a voluntary basis at present, I hope you understand me having this page in place. It'll assist me in writing even more, which is a long term goal of mine. Finally, I just want to say that getting to know so many great people has been fantastic and I appreciate you all. Thanks for stopping by 😊

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