Mike Of Genuine Chit-Chat

Thank you so much for visiting my page and for financially keeping my show going! Both of my podcasts are passion projects, but neither are without cost to me, Ko-fi (as well as my Patreon) are ways for people to support my shows and to receive bonus content for doing-so (as well as my appreciation) - all money received goes straight back into the podcast. **FOR DONATIONS/TIPS** I will send you some bonus content for any donation. For £1-1.99 you will get 2 episodes of Afterthoughts, for £2-4.99 you will get 5 episodes, for £5-9.99 you will get 12 and for £10+ you will get 25! When donating, provide an email or your social media handle and I will send you a link to access the episodes. If you want any specific episodes, such as "MCU movies", "Indie movies", "musicals", "days out/holidays", or anything else similar, I will try my best to accommodate!

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