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Hey there! My name is Genesis. I am 23 years old, nonbinary, and a tattoo artist. I broke my ankle in three places in early December (my birthday month, woo!). I had surgery soon after to install (why does this sound like I'm talking about kitchen appliances?) a plate and multiple screws into my ankle to stabilize it. I've not been able to work due to this, and my road to full recovery includes a lot of physical therapy and patience. Since I am technically self employed, I'm not making any money while I'm out of work. Please consider donating whatever is comfortable for you or maybe commissioning me to do some cool art for you! All of the money I make on here will help me support myself (expenses such as gas, food, medicine, medical bills) and save up to move to a new apartment (our lease is up in March. I really did sustain a serious injury at the perfect time, right? /sarcasm)

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HELLO all of you beautiful folks. I'll be using this mainly for crowdfunding to pay my being-alive-while-unable-to-work expenses and medical bills. Curious about commissions? Ask me on Instagram or Twitter.

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