Georg Ireland

How do I do a digital painting? In principle it's quite simple: I don't paint and draw with brush and pencil on canvas or paper, but with a pressure-sensitive pen on a touch-sensitive screen. This is made possible by software that allows me to imitate traditional painting techniques. My way of working is similar to traditional techniques, although of course not everything can be represented in the same way as in traditional painting. On the other hand there are things I only can do with digital technology. I do not manipulate photos, nor do I use artificial intelligence, i.e. I don't use software that generates images on its own. My images are created by hand from the preliminary drawing to the last spot of colour. The result is then an image file that can be printed in a print shop on canvas or artist paper. The printing technique today is so good that the printed picture can hardly be distinguished from a traditionally painted picture. Any support is welcome, because the necessary hardware and regular software updates have their price.

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