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We don't take a cut of tips and we hate ads. Upgrade to enjoy cool features and support Ko-fi's development.

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Gold Features

Support the community
Support Ko-fi's development. Get a gold badge and more personal page.
Supporter-only posts
Post content that can be unlocked with one-off or monthly donations.
Build monthly income
Let supporters pay you with recurring monthly payments.
Commissions tools
Simplify commissions! List your choices, show your status and slots.
Set your own price
Change your unit price to anything from $1 to $100
Change coffee to... anything
Tea, pizza, beer – change coffee to whatever you like*
Shorter Ko-fi username
Get a shorter, five character Ko-fi name.
Social links
Show links to all your social profiles directly from your Ko-fi page.
No ads, no nags
We'll remove the 'Support Ko-fi' tiles from your page.
Gallery extras
Add higher quality images and allow supporters to download hi-res versions.
Analytics insights
Connect to Google Analytics. See how Supporters are finding your Ko-fi Page.
Get new features first
Preview new features first, such as our Stripe credit card payment option.
Get the launch price forever!
/ month
normal price $9
Ko-fi subscriptions

Offer Subscriptions

Make a monthly income from subscribers to your Ko-fi Page.

  • Receive monthly payments

  • Take subscriptions in Stripe or PayPal

  • Reward subscribers with exclusive content


Sell Commissions

With Ko-fi Gold it's simple to start making money from commissions. Let fans buy original work.

  • Create a menu of commission choices

  • Show status and available slots

  • Set your price, terms and get paid instantly

Upgrade to Ko-fi Gold

Cancel anytime.

What Gold Members Say


Normal plan is free — forever. No fees.
  • 0% fee!

  • Showcase your work

  • Donations

  • Goals


Support the community and get lots of extras!
  • Everything in Free

  • Support the community and get a Gold badge

  • Sell Commissions

  • Offer Subscriptions

  • Offer exclusive content

  • Hi-res downloads

  • Set the price of donations

  • Change the coffee metaphor

  • Shorter Ko-fi username

  • Integrate Analytics