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Earn More, Do More

Gold pages earn 7.2x more on average

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We don't take a cut of your donations and we hate ads. Upgrade to enjoy cool features and support Ko-fi's development.

Cancel anytime.

Gold Features Include...

Support the community
Support Ko-fi's development. Get a gold badge and more personal page.
Exclusive posts and rewards
Post content that can be unlocked with one-off or monthly donations.
Build monthly income
Let supporters pay you with recurring monthly payments.
Commissions tools
Sell commissions! List your choices, show your status and slots. 0% Fees.
Change coffee to... anything
Tea, pizza, beer – change coffee to whatever you like*
Shorter Ko-fi username
Claim a rare, short Ko-fi name.
No ads, no nags
We'll remove the 'Support Ko-fi' tiles from your page.
Gallery extras
Add higher quality images and allow supporters to download full-res versions.
Analytics insights
Connect to Google Analytics. See how Supporters are finding your Ko-fi Page.
Get early access
Preview new features! Try our Discord integration today.
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/ month
Ko-fi subscriptions

Offer Subscriptions

Make a monthly income from subscribers to your Ko-fi Page.

  • Receive monthly payments

  • Take subscriptions in Stripe or PayPal

  • Reward subscribers with exclusive content


Sell Commissions with 0% Fees

With Ko-fi Gold it's easy to start making money from commissions. Let fans buy original work.

  • List your commission choices

  • Show status and available slots

  • Set your price and terms. Get paid instantly

Upgrade to Ko-fi Gold

Cancel anytime.

What Gold Members Say

Creator Avatar
Tim | On Second Watch
Gold paid for itself within a month. If you want to offer your supporters a more rewarding experience, Gold enables that and so much more.
Grayhaven Anime
Since I got Gold more people view my page and donations become more regularly. It definitely changed a lot for me.
With Gold I started receiving a lot of donations and commissions. Offering exclusive content and free commissions makes it all worthwhile.


Normal plan is free — forever. No fees.
  • 0% fee on donations!

  • Showcase your work

  • Donations, Shop, Commissions

  • Goals


Support the community and get lots of extras!
(When paid annually)
  • Everything in Free

  • Support the community and get a Gold badge

  • Sell Commissions. No platform fees.

  • Make a monthly income

  • Open a Ko-fi Shop with no platform fees!

  • Offer exclusive content

  • Offer Hi-res downloads

  • Set the price of donations

  • Change the 'coffee' metaphor

  • Shorter Ko-fi username

  • Integrate Analytics