Kimberly the Gomi Girl

Tall, Brown, Funny, Groovy, Creative Birth name: Kimberly Nickname: Gomi Current Occupation(s): Artist, mom When I’m not creating: I’m playing with cameras or hanging out with my family. ❤️Hey! It’s me, Gomi!❤️ GomiWorld on Ko-Fi, an external site that I run in addition to GomiWorld. Through this page, you can freely donate to keep GomiWorld running. You can also purchase art prints and merchandise from my shows! I always appreciate any support of my work: -Connect with me on Instagram @gomigirl -Become a Patron here on Ko-fi -Like, Share, and Subscribe to my content, as this will continue to drive traffic and supporters to my sites. You can contact me via messages in bottles, thrown into the nearest body of water. Or email: I really do accept gifts, donations, Guinness, coffee, and Guinness. Again, thank you for taking the time to get to know me and my work!

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