New Tools For Prop and Trick Making

40% of goal

Help me keep entertaining in new ways as my shows move online, and to use this time to improve and build on my performances for you all to enjoy (as well as to kerp going generally!).! If I reach this first goal it will allow me not only to keep going, but also to buy additional tools I need to develop a whole new ‘(Almost) Live’ show every fortnight. First up I need a good quality jigsaw to assist in building props and magic trick pieces!


Magician, Comedy Performer, Juggler, Travel Video Maker and Writer - my job is a huge ball of different ways to try to entertain!

Greg Chapman
As the world has changed, so have I! As a determined ‘live’ performer, I am now an equally determined ‘(Almost) Live’ performer, and really enjoying the challenges of producing new material for a new medium - and so grateful for everyone’s support!

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