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Hello! Stefania here. This is your happy space ... every day...Blog posts, oracle card readings, positive motivation, jewellery and inspirational artwork. I'm a voice actress, podcaster,blogger and jewellery maker. My mission is to continue creating helpful, uplifting content to encourage & energise my listeners and readers. To make jewellery that inspires & delights its wearers! Listen to the Positive Affirmations And Audio Stories podcast via iTunes or your favourite podcast app; also, Google Podcast, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Spreaker & Stitcher 🔸 Jewelry and Mala beads - http://BeadedDelightsByStef.etsy.com A lovely ko-fi ☕ donation will enable me to pay back a loan I took out to buy my laptop, and later have the funding for the technical upkeep (for example podcast hosting via Spreaker, website fees). And buy beads and jewellery supplies. 📿🤓

Stefania Lintonbon
Welcome to Positive Affirmations and Audio Stories, your support is really appreciated! Special goodies on offer to supporters include: ** £3 cup of coffee or tea - Thank you for the drink. I will work hard to keep posting interesting, and sometimes-- exclusive to ko-fi -- material for you ** £6 donation - A personalised two-card oracle card reading emailed to you ** £12 donation - A lovely Rose Quartz, Black Agate, or Amethyst gemstone handcrafted stretchy bracelet, made by me for you!

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