Fraser Harper
Originally from the North East of England, I've been steeped in blues, folk and roots music from the get-go and I bring a deep love of pure, traditional music to everything I play. Through the pandemic, as gigs evaporated into the ether, my music partner and I went busking instead - at every possible opportunity! Now, we bring you our 'Out and About' series of live music videos, made in the true spirit of the wandering troubadours we aspire to be. I hope you enjoy. Your contributions will keep us on the road - maybe to a town near you soon! Love, Fraser x ps. you won't find me on Patreon or other similar platforms. While Ko-fi has an obvious disadvantage in not having an app (come on guys!), dropping me a tip in the hat is much more in the spirit of the true busker than asking for a monthly subscription. Plus, Ko-fi is British, so fly the flag for Blighty! pps. Don't let that stop you making a monthly subscription if you feel so inclined :D

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