Housemaid and The Fear
Right now. This funds legal costs, and medical bills and basic survival. Read the posts for further information if you want to know how utterly fucked up everything is. ---- Below is the old message from happier times ----- Welcome to our glorious busking cup What this funds? There's the original tracks There's the mixes. There's the other tracks (found via hearthis & soundcloud & bandcamp) There's the fun time mash ups, edits and other things There's the songfoldings There's the visuals, videos and animations. There's the podcasts and odd spoken stories (coming soon) There's the several review pages over on swam404 There's the culture reclamation unit we operate over on minds There's the fleeting moments of photo stuff we post to instagram There's the comic in the works There's the documentary on Finland There's the two thesis on cyber culture being worked on There's a few novels And a multitude of nearly done EPs and albums of various Anything you throw into the cup goes towards making more things at a faster pace. cover various hosting bills upgrading failing old computers physical releases stuff! food, medicine, tribute to the thing beneath the bridge, various essentials for extended living Hey, silliness aside... All or any tips and coffees through this genuinely go first to covering various costs of soundcloud, mixcloud, hearthis, vimeo and the group storage bits and pieces. After that a sizeable amount gets reinvested back into paying for new music to mix. Mostly direct from the artists via bandcamp. Sometime after that, like the sensible people we are, bits go on food, medicine, the extensive legal shit we've been entangled in for the last while and lastly perhaps, to upgrading gear and maybe later physical releases. That hasn't happened yet. If it had you'd know, because you wouldn't be able to move what with all the videos we'd have been able to render! Thanks for supporting us and our stubborn diy approach and thank you for listening if you did. If you didn't, wise choice also. Big love and thanks.

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