Hi! You may know me by "Stealth", "Simon Thomley", and/or the business "Headcannon" I'm a long-time software developer and have created and/or participated in a multitude of personal and professional projects, including game engines "HCGE" and "Methyl", several games, and a few misc. utilities. Under Headcannon, I have worked with Sega as a major part of their Sonic 1 and 2 mobile remakes and Sonic Mania, and currently have some original IP both planned and in development I also like to do freely-available hobby stuff when I can. Learn more at and on my Youtube channel! Join me on Youtube to interact with my game playing, chit-chat, and maybe hear a bit about gaming history and tech! Your contributions will help in several ways, including helping to fund Headcannon projects in terms of making myself available and paying others for their work, buying/upgrading/maintaining software/equipment for any of my projects, and just plain adding a little bit of free time to my schedule to do some fun/free stuff such as: - Projects meant to be made freely available (Ex: Some games, utilities, the HCGE Game Engine) - Experimental projects that are too risky to prioritize (Ex: Will this work/be fun? Can I do it? How would I do it?) - Videos and streams (Ex: Fun and informative videos related to gaming, gameplay streams, game development streams) - Community support (Ex: Feedback for other games, tips and help, tutorials) Thank you very much for your support!

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