Helen Elizabeth

Hello everyone! So 2020 was set to be an exciting year with events in the calendar, open studios, workshops planned and a whole new body of work to show! Plans have been slightly altered for the time being, but I am endeavouring to push on with growing my art practice and make this (alongside my music performances) a sustainable livelihood. How? Its been a a bit of a headache making the transition to a online set up but I'm learning. Mostly though, its the hours spent at the easel. Painting after painting, incorporating new techniques, looking critically at my own work, accepting that there will many 'not quite right' pictures produced but to persevere. I am very grateful to the local creative community I have here for their support, advice and offer of opportunities. There are lots of projects brewing in mind; I wish to explore the clouds, the ancient forests, the open seas. For now there are certain subjects and paintings I do not quite feel I could do justice or convey what I am trying to say, so this year is about equipping myself with new skills, insights, perspective and approaches.

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