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🎵Can you imagine living without Music? Well, me neither! What I hope my music will do for others is to inspire them, bring hope, help them believe in themselves and their limitless abilities. I am now creating my 2nd Album, funded 100% by me and my wonderful supporters. It's just me and you! I want to make this album WITH you! I would love for you to become a member of the creative team! You can give me your advice on future songs, music videos, visuals, photoshoots, and more. You can be an integral part of the making of this album! 🙂 I will be sharing the creative journey towards the making of the album on this page. Join me on KO-FI and let’s make Magic Happen! *Your support goes directly towards the making of the music. Thank you for supporting my indie (he)art.❤️️ Hellena x

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